IPsec/XAuth connection for Windows

1. You can connect to the exit proxy node using one of the VPN protocols. For example, select the IPsec/XAuth protocol from the dropdown list.

2. You can filter the exit proxy node by its location and then press “Change IP”, as well as select one of the proxies by the node name and then press “Use”.

Panel settings

3. Download and Install Shrew VPN client: https://www.shrew.net/download/vpn

4. Open VPN Access Manager -> Add

  • Remote host: vpn.dslrentals.com
  • Authentication tab: select Mutual PSK + XAuth
  • Under Local Identity sub-tab: select IP Address
  • Credentials sub-tab: Paste Preshared Key from the panel
  • Phase 1 tab: select main from Exchange Type
  • Phase 2 tab: select sha1 from HMAC Algoritm
  • Click Save.

5. Select the new connection and press Connect, Username and Password we can take from the panel.


Currently available:


Available unique IPs right now: ~

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