What can I do with one key?

This key can be used to access Panel

Why should I use this Panel?

Unlimited IP changes
Different locations available for no additioonal cost
Optional: Stay on the same proxy and change its IP
Optional: Auto-change IP every X seconds
JSON-format reports available for automation
API available for automation
DSLRentals - Residential and Data Center proxies with rotating IPs. Proxy Panel with One Key access.

Panel provides you with all necessary tools and information for work automation:
API commands, automatic IP change triggered by timer, and all relevant information available in JSON format.

You may purchase more keys after you log into the panel, this way all the purchased keys will be associated, visible, and accessible from the same web page.

The same key can be used to access Chrome PLUGIN


We encourage you to install it on Chromium browser.
Link: download-chromium.appspot.com

Regular Chrome browser will not let you to manage multiple Gmail profiles at the same time.

Plugin is a great tool for manual work.
You will be able get new user-agent profiles and maintain them all in one place.

You can even load up to 10 profiles, name them, and build cookies for each individually. This way you can successfully manage multiple social network profiles without having any trouble.

Why should I use this Plugin?

Unlimited REAL random fingerprint profiles
Javascript spoofing
GEOlocation spoofing
Optional: Choice of Mobile or Desktop profiles
Optional: Load up to 10 profiles and build cookies
Optional: Switch between loaded profiles on demand

Currently available:


Available unique IPs right now: ~

Data center