How to synchronize pre-set profiles with cookies between different people?

If you have several people who need to work with the same profiles, this is the solution you need.

Please note that simultaneous use (all working at the same with the same profile) is not possible.

1. Download and install a program called "syncthing" on computers of all employees.

2. Make a separate folder for each Key you have. Copy portable version of "Chromium" browser into each folder.

When Employee 1 needs to work with profiles of key A, he will launch a portable version of Chromium browser on his PC from folder A.

After work is done, Employee 1 needs to launch "syncthing" and wait until synchronization finishes.

Employee 2 can later continue working with this portable Chromium version from folder A, where all the profile cookies from Employee 1 sessions have been saved.


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